Bearded Dragon as pets

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Bearded dragons have become extremely popular pets in recent years. They become household pets recently about 20 years ago. The bearded dragon's scientific name is Pogona Vitticeps and they are medium sized lizards which are generally 12-24 inches in length from their head to the tip of their tail. Bearded dragons are called "bearded" because the spikes and scales they have around their head resembles a beard. They use this as a defence mechanism and will expand their throat whenever they feel threatened. They part of 300 species of agamid lizard. They originated from Australia's desert regions. Generally they are found in the south eastern Northern Territory and the eastern half of South Australia. Their habitats included woodlands, savannahs, and deserts. It is not uncommon to find them basking in branches, on stumps, or rocks during the morning there.

The Bearded Dragon is tan to yellow in colour. It is called "bearded" because of the dragon's ability to flare out the skin in the throat region when it is threatened or territorial. Its body has a flattened appearance, which becomes even more pronounced if the dragon is alarmed. There are spines on the throat, sides of the head, and sides of the body. The head is wedge-shaped, and the Bearded Dragon has a tail that is almost as long as the body. It is difficult to distinguish males from females among hatchlings and juveniles. When they become adults, sexual differences become more apparent. The males generally have larger heads and larger, darker beards. The femoral pores of males also help to distinguish them from females. They can grow up to 2 feet long in length.


Bearded Dragons are omnivorous. Their diet includes chopped meat, crickets, pinky mice, earthworms, leafy greens, mealworms. They are extremely social and dragons of similar size can be housed together with supervision. Bearded dragons are normally very healthy and hardy lizards. However, their lifespan depends on many factors. Generally a dragon a can live up to 14 years in captivity. Bearded dragons were first introduced to the United States in the 1990's and since then they have rapidly increased in popularity as pets. So why are bearded dragons loved as pets?


Bearded dragons are usually gentle by nature and you rarely hear of an aggressive bearded dragon, especially towards humans. In fact, bearded dragons do not attack when threatened, instead they freeze, puff their throat, and may change colours. They are easy to maintain as well. They don't require walks and following a basic routine can be more than enough care for a bearded dragon to live into its teens. On top of this they enjoy being handled and stroked by people. They may squirm the first few times you hold them, but they will eventually recognize their master and will sit, relax, and perch on a person's body.


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5:58 AM on August 17, 2017 
Bearded live somewhere from 5 to 10 years depended on many factors such as diet and health etc. Read more about the average life span of bearded dragons here: